Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ideas of Lust and Love at 17

Why am I not running?
I should be fleeing you.
I shouldn't allow you such control,
should never allow you to have such a hold.

How can my heart beat so hard while its melting?
How can my thoughts get so lost in your eyes?
You leave me speechless,
with my head full of words.

I'm not the type to fall for a stranger,
this rush couldn't get any stranger than this.
I can't let go, but I'm scared to hold on.
I'm locked into you by the force of your kiss.

I want you.
I need you.
I touch you.
I taste you.

Want me.
Need me.
Taste me.
Tease me.

If I fall,
will you catch me?

You've got me out of my head.
Out of my body.
I watch us from my bedroom ceiling,
it sends shivers through me.

We move like music,
we flow like water,
one note melting into another.

And I don't know where you've been my whole life,
and I don't care,
I just wish you'd been here.
And I barely know you,
I have so many questions,
But their answers won't change me,
or you,
or how I feel about you.
Except to make my feelings stronger.
I know this,
but I don't understand it.

It's been such a short time.
I'm not usually so easy
to touch,
to tease,
to get to know.

And I'm scared that you've done this a hundred times before,
stolen a hundred other hearts,
just to rip them apart.
I'm afraid of you,
cause I'm drawn to you like a magnet.

I run my hand through your sweaty hair,
over your smooth skin,
and look into your honey-brown eyes.

Touch me,
tease me,
just don't leave me.

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